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Click the tab for FREE worksheets and then either Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1. Both levels have this problem type under 'multi-step equations'.


It is a great resource even if you do not purchase the software and only use the premade worksheets. (no lesson or worked out solutions but answers are provided)


They offer Pre-Algebra through Calculus!



-I just reread the OP carefully this time.


The multi-variables may be an issue.  You want to solve the problem 'in terms of __' then turn around and solve the same problem for a different term... (I used to LOVE those problems when I was in school!)  I usually generate my own problems for these...


When I teach this I usually keep it to 2 variables so I give student a linear equation that is solved for x or one that is in standard form and then have them solve it for y.

I do see more of these type of problems in the 'formula' lesson of the texts I use (Lial) but there are only a few of those in each text. 



OK-- here is a DANGEROUS  (but very simple) way to make your own problems.  Make up an equation like in your OP.  Type it into an equation solver such as http://www.quickmath.com

Select the variable you want to solve for and it will generate the answer (exact) for you instantly.


The dangerous thing about this is that I have recently had SEVERAL students use similar sites to 'do' their homework for them (ie- CHEAT). 


PLEASE PLEASE discuss the use (or better NON-USE) of sites such as the above with your students.... a decent teacher can tell if one was used-- especially if they review the student's work and steps shown (and METHOD used to solve).  It really irritates me (as the teacher) and makes me sad that it is so easy now for students to cheat themselves...





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