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Beginning Japanese curriculum?

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Japanesepod101.com has great podcasts and videos. Genki is a great series too. We like Dr. Moku's app for learning hiragana/katakana easily and quickly along with the Tako's Japanese app for writing/reading hiragana/katakana/kanji (200 or so of the most commonly used ones)

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My son has used some Irrasshai along with Dr. Moku to help him learn hiragana. He also attended a Japanese immersion camp this summer in Minnesota. However, he has by far learned the most from tutoring with a native Japanese speaker. For the last two years we found a local tutor who taught him and several of his friends once a week (the availability of tutors is one of the perks of living in a college town!) Having a group tutoring session kept it affordable as well. This year the group has broken up due to schedules not aligning, so he's doing tutoring sessions online via Skype using iTalki. We did several inexpensive trial sessions with different tutors on italki until finding one who my son liked best. We've been very pleased so far and you can't beat the convenience of not having to drive across town to meet tutors!

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