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CPO Earth Science Radar Image plates?


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I think.... it's been a while, lol...but I think we skipped that and I just did a lesson on doppler radar? I have a vague memory of the weather channel site having some good videos about it.


Ack, I have to teach this again this year and I really need to get my act together.  We don't start until september so I've got time....



I do know that later in the year you are going to need a Bathymetric map.  Just google CPO Bathymetric Map and you will get a hit that is a PDF. That is what you need. Just download and save for when you need it.

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In this thread the person said that you need their plates to do the experiment so "You could use the questions and a book about weather to discuss how Doppler radar works."


There are some lesson by lesson comments on supplies for the experiments as well that would be worth looking at. 

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