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Poor sleep in toddler


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Any ideas to help an almost 2 year old sleep more restful? She stirs at least every hour, usually a lot more. 7 day consistency is not possible. For another 3 weeks she's woken around 4am and has to run out with her parents and siblings. I assume she sleeps in the car, but am not positive. No idea what time actual bedtime is.


Current goal is somehow more peaceful sleep from 4-7am a few days a week. In 3 weeks, she will not have to get up at 4, and will possibly be spending a couple nights at my house.


She is recently using a bit more expressive language, which I mention because she seems worse than she had been.

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Poor baby. I wasn't blessed with good sleepers and that was without a 4am wake up time. If she still takes a nap- which I'm assuming getting up at 4am she does- the first thing I would try is sliding the time for bedtime to earlier and shortening (or eliminating) the nap. That might have her going to bed at 6pm for the remaining three weeks, but if it gets her solid sleep it might be worth it. It seems like an unfortunate cycle in some kids (like mine) that the more tired they are, the worse they sleep......

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I have a two yr old who is not that bad, but close. The dr says it may be related to his not having much body fat. Letting him have milk in the middle of the night is not ideal for many reasons, but it does allow him good rest for the second half of the night. We're hoping his height growth will slow a bit and allow him to fill in a little. So, if your lo is tall and skinny, that may play into it. (Mine is over 90 percent for height, about 20 for weight, and that puts him very low for bmi)

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No underlying dx that I can see. She was born methadone dependent, but I've read that once beyond detox, these kids tend to be ok. She doesn't seem to have a single trait of ASD or anything like that.


Her belly can get abnormally distended, but it's been a lot softer lately. I'm told the belly's been checked out.


She's bright and learns quickly, but doesn't have much vocal language. She doesn't seem frustrated and can get her needs across quite well.


I don't know if she wakes throughout the night, but sibling comments make me think yes.


Only reason I'm worried about the 4-7 sleep is because bedtime could stand to be pushed back a bit, but that's not likely going to happen. I think naps are still necessary at least until after Labor Day when she doesn't have to get up anymore (a few months ago she was still taking 2 naps a day with a 7pm bedtime with me).


Bathing, in general, is lacking, but I'll suggest adding a bath to the bedtime routine.


She sleeps on the couch under the AC (it doesn't blow on her) so the white noise part is covered. I'm not sure what'll happen when the AC goes off, which is soon up here.


Thanks for the ideas. :)

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