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College and Career Preparation - Course Title?

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Help!  I am combining a bunch of free resources to help my daughter with her study skills, SAT prep, and career exploration.  I would like to put this on her high school transcript as a semester course.  I was trying to come up with a course title.  She will be using Khan academy's SAT preparation course, 14 study skills videos and worksheets from www.ibcc.edu/LAR/studyskills.cfm, and Career Explorations four week course from Letshomeschoolhighschool.com.  I think this will be a semester course (I am going to have her track her time spent on the materials).   Any title ideas?  Would a course like this be acceptable on a high school transcript?




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Unless you really need the credit hours, I would not call this a course.  I think it would feel like transcript padding, since presumably every college-prep kid spends time these things, but as far as I know most B&M high schools do not treat them as an actual course.  However, you could certainly count the time she spends on SAT prep towards her English and Math (presumeably Algebra I / II / Geometry) hours, if you count hours for credits.  I have seen transcripts with "Study Skills" as a class, but they seem to only show up on more remedial transcripts, so you may want to think about the message it may send and whether that's what you would intend.


Don't get me wrong - I think doing those things are all great.  I'm just not sure that bundling them into a class and putting it on her transcript is the best idea.

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