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East Coast vacation and award ceremonies - what would you do? Updated


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If you plan to do an East Coast and Canada road trip vacation and your child has an invite for CTD NUMATS in September and CTY JHU in October, would you go to either one or skip both and just do your vacation?


So what is your opinion? We hope to tour New York, cross over to Niagara Falls in Canada, up to Waterloo, Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia.



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Are the awards ceremonies important to your child?


Editing to add: Important could mean more than simply receiving the recognition for the award. Maybe the ceremony is a much needed opportunity for your child to meet other like-minded kids or to connect with other families?


If one were important to my child, I might schedule the road trip around one of the ceremonies. If not so important or not as important as other things the family wants to see/do, I'd skip both.

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We went to the CTY JHU's ceremony as it is nearer to Niagara Falls which kids wanted to go. The ceremony itself was normal/typical, just lots more kids. We walk around the campus ourselves instead of taking the campus tour. Lunch was packed lunch which we don't mind since we couldn't finish everything and kept the remainder for afternoon tea.

What was interesting was we took public busses from Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) to JHU and the busses were almost entirely African Americans. From JHU to White Marsh Mall, the busses were all African Americans except us. Bus fares were cheap at $4 per day. Within JHU campus and on college busses/shuttles, we saw mostly Asian students (it was a Sunday) so quite a contrast from busses and walking down 33rd Street towards JHU.

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