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besides Anne of Green Gables in PEI?

Lucy the Valiant

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The island is really picturesque and enjoyable just to drive through the smaller towns. There are some lighthouses to visit (at least there were when I visited 20 years ago). Cavendish beach is really nice. The sand is pink coloured and beautiful. The water will probably be too cold for swimming, but it's still lovely to walk along the beach. There are other beaches you can go digging for clams at on the island. It's a small island, and it doesn't take long to get from place to place. If you like seafood, there is plenty available.


Enjoy your visit! 

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We like the area south/east of Charlottetown. It's much quieter than the Cavendish area, and we think prettier.


Be aware if you are going late in the season to make sure things are still open. PEI is very rural, and shutters earlier than you might expect. I would highly recommend you look into that carefully before you go, or you might find yourself without many services. Charlottetown is a full service, year round city and makes a great home base.


The island is small, but you won't see much in only a couple days. It still takes a long time to cross. If you've never been, you might consider taking the ferry over and Confederation Bridge back (or reversed). The ferry will add a bit more driving though if you are coming from Maine, but it's a good way to get into the spirit of going to an island.


Depending on when you go, you can expect to find lots of roadside farm stands. They operate on the honor system so if you want fresh produce make sure you have cash (a good idea there anyway). Don't forget to eat Island mussels and seaweed pie. :)


There's plenty to do in New Brunswick along your drive up. Hopewell Rocks is not to missed, but make sure you plan for the tides. It's a great place to walk along the ocean bottom, and then as the tides come back in, you can watch the basin fill back up. Beware--they mean it when they say it happens fast! Tantramar Marsh in Sackville makes a lovely stop to stretch the legs and admire the diversity of the area between NB and NS.


If you want other ideas, feel free to ask. We live in ME and used to live in NB and have been to PEI many times. It's a beautiful place! :)

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