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Homeschool puberty vs ps puberty - is there a difference?


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I haven't experienced any of this in my kids' public school social circles at 12yo and 14yo, but kids like this wouldn't hang with my kids for very long. My public schooled kids would have no tolerance for this behavior.

I don't see this either. Most of my son's friends don't have their own phones and none behave like some people are describing. But, like your kids, mine wouldn't have interest in hanging with kids like that so that might skew what I see. Still, I hang around enough sporting practices, meets and races to have a decent sense and I just don't see those sterotypes at all.

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I've sometimes felt that way about middle school. It seems like taking all the kids at their worst, biologically speaking, and sticking them all together. I wonder whether that is a great idea.


I do think it is exagerated in larger schools and possible larger classrooms.

I wonder this too, and it's one reason why I like our schools. Our parochial school where I have K, 3rd, 4th is K-8 and our public school is PK3-12 where I have 7th and 9th. I especially like the parochial model where all the kids mix at recess, lunch, etc. it's very familial.

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