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Is this an allergic reaction?


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I have been taking a lot of Advil lately (last 2 months). My dr told me to use it for both its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. I was taking the 800 for a while but switched to the Sam's brand. They are the brownish coated round tablets.


So, earlier I was complaining to my mom, over the phone, that my lips were tingling. She said it is probably anxiety. It bothered me for a while and then it stopped, not a big deal. Fast forward about 5 hrs and it is happening again. Then it hits me. I had taken a dose of Advil just before calling my mom. And now, dh had just handed me 2 pills. I took them with my tea and we are watching tv when I complained that my lips just randomly started tingling again. 


It has happened twice. Both times I had taken advil right before. But only like 5-10 min before. That seems awfully fast. Could it be the coating and not the Advil? Is it a correlation not a causation type situation? I couldn't find tingling lips listed as a known side effect/reaction. There doesn't seem to be any other symptoms. 


Do I really have to stop taking the advil for this reason? Sigh. What sayeth the collective intelligence of the hive?

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