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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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read/pray/drink coffee



drive to meeting with other Latin mentor

home again - may have to take house guest to meeting - lots of paper work and hoops to jump through for her situation

somehow grocery shop or resort to take out

make sure both teens start deep cleaning their rooms.  I told them I wanted them looking like something out of House Beautiful.  Not one speck of junk in them!

babysit little guy for mom while at class

take 15 yo to youth group

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Got up about 6am to do some work.  Still haven't done any.  Need to get on it!  My boss thinks I'm sending something out this morning.


Kids have the same camps as yesterday.  I need to pack lunches (not sure what) and drive them to Camp A on time.  Then pick up from Camp B at 4pm.


They have gymnastics this evening.  I will work while they flip.


My computer is acting extremely weird right now.  I hope it doesn't bomb.


If I have the house to myself, I'll get some housework done and maybe some exercise.  Otherwise I will hole up in my room and get fatter.

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It is too early and I'm too tired to tackle anything right now, well aside from pet sitting. My plan for this morning is to get pet sitting done, get kids fed, and fall back asleep on the couch for a few hours while they play. I think the terrible sleep phase of this pregnancy has started. Ugh. I'll figure out what is in store for the rest of the day once I sleep a bit more

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Good morning!



-history and geography with youngest

-get oldest to pitching lesson

-get youngest to a friend's house

-laundry (at least 3 loads)

-work out (1 hour of kickbox I didn't do yesterday)

-straighten up house for cleaning people tomorrow

-figure out how to get oldest to football, youngest from friends house, and self to blow out hair appointment all in 45 minute time frame

-dinner (no idea what this will be)

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Morning chores - trying to get kids back into a modicum of routine

Walk the dog before it becomes insanely hot outside


Figure out dinner/ kitchen prep work

To church for work?  Not today.

Pick up CSA box

Call my mom and confirm time for tomorrow

Amazon order for Dd

Print school schedules and checklists  worked on them, but not done yet




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A lot of this is stuff from yesterday that I didn't get done, but I did get a few non-listed things done yesterday, so that counts for something, right???


This vpn is so awesome for watching the Olympics, but does nothing for getting things done around here!


Wash basement floor

Clean master bathroom

Various loads of laundry - an ongoing task - ods is home from a week long Scout trip, so add a couple more loads :(

Wash kitchen floor 

Clean rest of kitchen

Pick up all the junk lying around

Take dd and friends to lunch - one last visit before friend heads home to OK

Take yds clothes shopping for school

Work on finances from Scout trips - blech!


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Tuesday - I'm feeling a little like I'm being held hostage in my own home.  So, goals for today:  go on a walk.  go out alone.  be nice.  

to do:

tidy up

take load to goodwill

make a lunch for dd

take dd18 to work

take dd15 for physical

stop at school to check on sports paperwork

pick up a couple little gifts

pick up an ice cream cake

send an email about soccer

make eye appointments

make dentist appointments

out to dinner? 

Birthday Celebration

go for a run





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Ugh! I'm so sleepy. Second load of laundry is in washer, dishes are done, and the kids are cleaning up downstairs. Once they are done they get to watch a movie so I can sleep in almost silence. They played in the pool for a good hour just now so they should be exhausted.


After I sleep I have to pet sit more and go to Goodwill because all kid clothes are a dollar and adult 2

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Good Morning!


I'm so over the summer heat this year! 


Yesterday I was making myself a cup of coffee --I always heat my creamer and whip it so it's frothy.  I dropped my cup getting it out of the microwave and it fell on the stove top...the cup survived (Thank you Pioneer Women mug) but the stove top shattered.   I'm hoping for a less costly day today.  



continue purging bookshelves and organizing the basement

Amazon orders should arrive to put together ds room 

research stoves 


Have a great day everyone! 



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Well, I have the house to myself for now, yippee!  I did a little housework and a little exercise so far.


I am not doing so good on work.  I need to get a lot done before 3:30 when I go to pick up the kids.  So that gives me about 3 hours.  Wish I was feeling productive.

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Burgers grilled, potatoes roasted, Ds made salad.  :)


My computer had temporary insanity this afternoon, so I turned it off and read through WWS instead. 

Nice quiet day at home. Reasonably productive. 

Kids practiced piano, vacuumed, watched an episode of Bonanza and then played with legos all afternoon. 



Read for school and for fun.



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