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UPS tracking#


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I mailed a box via UPS on saturday. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  I have NO tracking data - not even it has been entered into the system but no location. if it is to be delivered tomorrow - it should have been scanned a couple times already.  as far as UPS is concerned, it's a non-existent #. (yes,I've checked and rechecked)  I'm freaking out!


what has me the most uptight is it is a family heirloom, and is irreplaceable. (at least I took pictures before sending)


I will keep checking, but if it never gets scanned, I'll never know if it was delivered or not.


eta: I was standing there when the store owner put the sticker on the box.  I've used that UPS store a number of times.

and I dropped off an amazon return at the same time. I've already been credited by amazon for the return, which they do when it is received by UPS.  and that tracking # shows up.

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I would check if the box was left in the UPS store. I had only sent big boxes (K12 VA) via UPS but there had been times when small UPS/DHL/FedEx boxes were unintentionally missed out at my local Postal Annex when the courier guys came by to collect the parcels.

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