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I have the 4a Standards for my 5th grader who needs extra help. The HIG talks about the Tests Book and Extra Practice Book- are those absolutely necessary? Or can I get away without them? I am trying to save some money- i have gone over budget this year as it is.  :closedeyes:

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My son never needed either of those. We just use the text book, work book, and home instructor's guide. We are on level 4 this year and have used Singapore since level 1.


However. I am doing level 1 with my daughter right now and I think she is going to need the extra practice book. (I still have the level o e extra practice book from when I bought it for ds and never even opened it, that that's convenient for me.) So I guess it depends on the kid.


I have never used the test books, but I have a friend who uses them, not as tests but as review and she likes them a lot. Again though, not required, she just felt her kid needed the extra review.


I would start with the minimum and if you feel like your child needs the extra help then add in one of the other components.




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