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Housewarming gift.....more in the saga of Ottakee's friend moving away


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A while back I posted about one of my closest friends moving 2 hours away.  Well, it is becoming reality.  I was at her house again today and helped pack up more boxes...........and sat on her deck while she lamented about how much she will miss her deck.


Her husband and youngest son are moving up there tonight as ds starts football tomorrow at 7am........nothing like being the new kid, knowing no one and showing up to football practice at 7am.  Her daughter is moving up Tuesday to start volleyball on Wednesday.  Then Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the moving trucks are coming to pack up everything else and then the next day deliver it to the new house.  My friend and oldest son are staying here to work through Thursday and then heading up.


I am wondering about some sort of house warming gift or something to send with her.  I thought of a subway gift card as they are going to be very rural but there is a subway in a mini mart not far away and that might help with supper one night until they get settled.


Just not sure about anything else.  She is trying to downsize and I have not seen the house at all so hard to buy something for that.  They do enjoy a glass of wine occasionally but I don't drink anything stronger than Wild Cherry pepsi so I would have no idea what to buy.


Any good hints for me?  I want to put something in her car for her before she leaves.

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I think  your Subway gift card idea is a very good one.  I wouldn't want to pack one more thing if I was moving!  And getting meals when you are moving can be stressful and can just add to the expense. 

That was my thinking.

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A note about how special your friendship is with a plate of cookies and a plan to meet up in a month or two? Two hours drive isn't too far to get together with a dear friend every now and then!

The cookies is another good idea.  Their family loves my daughter's cookies so I could have her bake some for them.  On the positive, her husband is a pastor and they are moving into the parsonage (first time ever for them) so I would assume that some of the local church members would bring over some food, etc.


I should not be lamenting so much and so teary eyed......as I will be seeing her 1-2 times a week for the next 3 months or so as she is a doctor and going to be working locally 2-3 days a week for the next few months.  We generally walk 3-4 days a week over her lunch break so we hope to continue that as long as she is down here.


2 hours really isn't far.  Right now I drive about 15 minutes to see her and as my son with fetal alcohol says, "zero is nothing" so really the different between 0:15 and 1:50 is only the matter of adding a zero and since zero is nothing, it is no big deal......just a bit extra in gas money.


We will be driving up Labor Day weekend to go to a big rodeo near her.  I can easily see myself driving up once or twice a month or so to spend the day or an overnight as long as the roads don't get bad in the winter.


I just don't like change.

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Subway card along with a box of paper goods is great.


One time when I was moving a friend gave me a hankerchief with a butterfly on it. The sentiment was a cocoon becomes a butterfly and flies to a new life.

You could find something with a butterfly to add to your gift basket.

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I like the subway gift card along with colorful paper goods idea. Plastic utensils are nice, too.


We moved recently and that was the best gift we received. That, and a French press for coffee till our machine was unpacked.


Once she's moved in, you could send a bird feeder. I have a bird feeder from friends, and it makes me smile and think of them every day.

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