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Can't Decide on LA for 5th grader...


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We've been considering MCT, but I still don't know if it's the right fit for my son. He's going into 5th grade, but has already sailed through R&S. He's basically bored. Reading is his passion, and we wants to be an author. So I want something challenging and stimulating for him. I need suggestions for grammar and writing. We've done WWE, and my husband didn't like it (he's the one teaching writing).


Regarding MCT, we were thinking of putting him into level 5. Does this seem right considering what he's already done?


Second, how does your day/week go in terms of implementing all the components of MCT? Do you do different components on different days? A little bit of each every day? We have both read through the layout provided on the website, but the question of breaking it down into daily bits still eludes us.


Third, at level 5, how much parental involvement is required?


Finally, I'm open to any other LA & writing suggestions!

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Some other options we've tried and liked are:


Junior Analytical Grammar, short and sweet lessons that cover the necessary basics, lasts 11 weeks and grammar is over for the year (unless you add the Mechanics volume)


Wordsmith Apprentice

School Composition by Maxwell (vintage)

Writing and Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press

Classical Writing from Classical Writing.com


Spelling by Sound and Structure from Rod and Staff, all I'll use anymore


piles and piles of high quality children's literature to read and discuss, we never used lit guides


unit study approaches like Further Up and Further In (a year based on the Chronicles of Narnia)


I have no experience with MCT.

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