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Need Lesson Plans for Apologia Physical

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I really don't want the Student Notebook as my dd needs to learn to use the textbook and a binder.

But I'm only finding rather expensive options!



Donna young 25$ for yearly subscription

MFW- 15.00 but you can't see the samples (their link is broken)


Any other ideas? I'm willing to pay but I wish it was more like $15 including shipping.

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Want the one I made for free? I wanted a 4-day per week schedule so I had to make up my own. I can PM it to you if you want it.


ETA: Oops, I forgot that it's for the 1st edition textbook, but you can still have it if you want it. Maybe it's not too far off.

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We did the experiments as we came to them, so I'm not help on that.


here's working link on mfw sample



and if you make yourself (or already have) a yahoo account, you can request to join an old school style of yahoo group for apologia science users.  There are plenty of schedules on there.   Calming Tea I'll send you a link via PM for the group.

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I taught it in a co-op setting, so my lesson plans had us doing the labs in a chapter the Friday before starting it and taking the current chapter's test at home that day. I reviewed for the test as well as did the next chapter's labs. I personally would prefer the labs be done after doing the chapter at home, but some parents thought that would be a good way to do it. 


Here are my lesson plans



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