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Help for Auditory Processing Disorder

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Welcome to the boards!  What are you using for the dyslexia right now?  If you haven't done it yet, you could do the Barton pre-test and see if he passes/fails.  Does he have any speech problems as well?  If he has speech problems along with it and fails the Barton pretest, I would look into LIPS.  If he doesn't have speech problems and fails the pretest, probably the new FiS (Foundations in Sound) will work.  It's new, so we haven't seen it or had a lot of feedback.  I've heard a little backchannel that seems good.  Either way, FiS or LIPS, depending on how he does on the Barton pre-test.  


Students | Barton


There's some software people use for APD.  FFW (Fast For Word) is one to look for if you can get access to it.  I haven't used it, and my ds does not have an APD diagnosis, only dyslexia, etc.  We did Earobics, and I'm sorta iffy on it.  I think work done in person, with manipulatives, like in Barton/LIPS/FiS, is more effective than Earobics, but whatever.  My ds pulled it out and wants to do it now, so I think we'll do more just as kind of a reward thing.  It's fine but it wasn't really a breakthrough for him.  He has significant problems due to his apraxia, and software alone wasn't going to bust through that, kwim?  He needed to see it, feel it, see how the mouth was being formed, etc.  LIPS was better for that.  But to have multiple tools, try multiple things, sure, definitely the evidence is there that that can be a good practice.


The other thing to consider is environmental stuff.  Are you able to work with him in a limited distraction environment?  Is there noise from an a/c unit, other kids, etc.?  Again, we're not dealing with APD and others will reply, but there are people who use fm units, headphones, etc. at home.  To me that stuff is really not in the tough it out category.  When you actually want to teach him, I would make sure he's getting those accommodations.  I'm making my ds a special office to suit his SN.  After 12 years of homeschooling, it seems sorta inconvenient and odd, but you have to do what you have to do.  


You might also see what he processes better when he gets the input with headphones.  So if he watches say the BJU science 4 videos but wears headphones, does he do better?  Or if he listens to audiobooks with earbuds, does he do better?  I'm in the more is more better camp on inputs like this.  I'd rather have more language, not less.  If you're weary and have lots going on, I would pick his best modality, whatever that is, and do more of it.  


The other thing to consider is speech therapy materials from Super Duper Inc.  Have you had an SLP eval for language testing?  Even if they didn't do it as part of your APD or psych eval, I would.  And if they did the CELF or CASL or other language testing in your psych eval, then that would be super helpful to look over.  If there are ANY glitches in there are relative weaknesses, that's something to shore up.  I've been using 


The Grammar Processing Program


with my ds, and it has been REALLY powerful for him.  Maybe that's not your ds' starting point, or maybe it is.  You can use their product search and sort by thing it's meant for.  I think they list auditory processing.  They have usually run a nice sale in the fall, so I've been waiting, waiting for that.  You could get on their mailing list.  They have some minimal differences cards that are good.  If he has issues with sequencing, prepositions, etc., there are things like  


MagneTalk Match-up Adventures Kit (includes Barrier Game Board Stand)


The thing most commonly recommended for writing instruction with dyslexics is the series by Diana King.  About The Program | Writing Skills 2nd Edition | School Specialty | EPS  It's not flashy or fun, but it's what the tutors around here use.  I've been thinking of ways I could use it as a *spine* and make it come more alive.  I think writing embedded into life is important.


Well welcome to the boards and congrats on getting your diagnoses and answers to help you move forward!

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A lot of what OhElizabeth is suggesting would help with both the CAPD and the dyslexia, depending on what areas are a struggle with CAPD.


His specific CAPD profile will determine where his greatest needs are. My son's biggest problems are the rate at which he can take in speech (time compressed sentences) and speech in a noisy background, but other kids have trouble with other auditory tasks. I can help him overall with listening skills, but he will need accommodation as much as remediation for his specific issues.

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We got brainsafari and their skate kids. It's for APD . I think it helped us some. It did seem to spark a part of the brain that needed to be tapped into.


What OhE says is true.

We have it pretty severe over here. I have to kneel down below is eye level, make eye contact , speak slowly and clearly. I have both boys repeat it back to me. At first, what they heard and what I said were completely different. We've worked on that alot.

I've realized , my boys cannot do 2 step directions. Their brain deflects it.


I make lists, that seems to help with them wanting to not have to go back as often, so they walk away saying it over and over again. I praise them highly for this. It's baby steps, and from many different angles.


Slowing down speech.

Having them repeat it back.

Any software programs you can find

Audio books , pausing very frequently to discuss.

Giving them more time to process .

Probe when you see tey don't understand.


For us, plenty of sleep helps .

If you find any helpful info, please pass it along . im looking too :)

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