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looking for personal finance course and logic

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I am in search of two more things to complete our plans for the year.  One thing I am looking for is a personal finance course for my 17 year old daughter.  I am looking for one that shows how to balance a check book, write checks etc.  Would prefer a secular type of course, if possible.


The other thing I am looking for is a basic logic course that could be used with both my 17 year old daughter and 14 year old sons.  I would like to do discussions together for this.  The 17 year old went through about 1/2 of the older book of Fallacy Detective a few years back and the 14 year old sons have done nothing.  It would be great if there was something that included some discussion work.  Anything like  this exist?  Oh yeah, it has to be easily implemented by me as it is too close to beginning of the year to wade through long explanations and prep work.






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I've heard people mention this one.




There is this one but the publisher is not secular but I have no idea if there is religious content or not...



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We used Dave Ramsey's course that is linked above. It was a simple and well laid out. It covers the things you wanted, but make sure you know who Dave is and that his style isn't abhorrent to you. He preaches debt free living, no credit cards, etc and he does it in a sarcastic mocking style. We are good with most of his teaching - discussing what we disagree with and we enjoy his sarcastic sense of humor, since our household runs on sarcastic humor. However, I always warn people; he isn't for everybody.

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My son was in a public school at home program, so everything had to be secular.  My oldest used Life of Fred Financial Choices combined with projects from Life Prep (non-secular publisher, but I just listed the projects he did and didn't say where I got the ideas for the projects), Money Wise videos, and three book reports (Your Money or Your Life, Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens, Freakonomics and possibly a couple other choices...my son says he doesn't remember any of these, just the Life of Fred.)  The projects from Life Prep had the most impact for him.

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