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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I have big plans to get a lot done today.  Except I have sat comfortably on the couch and have the Olympics on.  Not looking good for me. 



-exercise (the 1 hour low impact HIIT I should have done yesterday)

-shower/get ready

-laundry (4 loads minimum)

-finish co-op notebooks for youngest (one more to go)

-print week 3 of Homeschool in the Woods for history

-organize history books for civil war studies (figure out what we will/won't use)

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bagels for breakfast

took house guest to baptism prep class

currently babysitting baby who is mad at me for not picking him up right now!


To do:

pick up house guest

tidy house a lot

shop for food for weekend

shower at some point

go see dd's show this evening


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Feeling stressed out about the belt test I'm not prepared for.  I'm supposed to be working but I need to be practicing my form.  So I'm on WTM.  :p

  • Final school clothes / school supplies orders.  [done]
  • Work until 4:something a.m.  [done]
  • Up at 7am and work another hour.  [done]
  • Kids up & out to horse camp.  [done]
  • Work.  [some ...]
  • Watch TKD form on video and try to get it right.  (I have about 30 minutes even if I don't work.)  [done]
  • Pack for TKD belt test and change of clothes & shoes after.  [done]
  • Meet with horse people regarding tomorrow's horse show; sign up; pay; borrow clothes; get shopping list.  [done]
  • Drop off library materials.  [done]
  • TKD belt test. [done - we passed, whew!]
  • Shop for horse show stuff and new riding boots for Miss Bigfoot.  [done]
  • Get leathers customized and name plate installed on kid's saddle.  [done]
  • Wanted to go to museum for sports science event... but we have a work emergency so probably not....  [nope]
  • Kid needs to clean her riding boots for tomorrow.
  • Work.
  • Evening - party at friend's house.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.


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