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Move on to AAR 2 when reading slowly?


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My daughter just finished AAR 1 and was so excited to get her certificate. :)


She knows all of the skills in AAR 1, but still reads very slowly - usually sounding out most words. We haven't done the fluency pages because she is young and didn't want to read without pictures :)  but she has read each reader twice for extra review. 


Do you think we should move on to AAR 2 now or keep playing games / reading the readers until she is a little more fluent? She can read all the words in the readers, it is just quite slow and laborious.

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Keep practicing until she is more fluent. Reading is much more enjoyable when it is easy. The I See Sam readers can be downloaded for more practice that is phonics-based, but not the fluency sheets. The aar method of reading a phrase, then going back to the beginning of the sentence to read a bit more each time is powerful. Use that with whatever you do for practice.

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Congratulations to you and your daughter! I'd practice more too. Another way to do that is through activities with the word cards and fluency pages. The word cards really help you track what's mastered & what needs ongoing review, and help to build up fluency. Some ideas:


8 ways to review word cards

5 Top Tips for Using Practice Pages

Buddy Reading

More Reading Activities

Ziggy Game Book


When she has about 75% of the words down, you can go on to level 2, but continue to include more review as you go. Use about 2-3 minutes of your lesson time each day to rotate through some of the word cards that still need work. Some people do a "game day" each Friday to add in extra review and build fluency along the way. Have fun with it!

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Both my dyslexic and my non-dyslexic needed drill for fluency, so I wouldn't be slow to do that.  You can put it as games and have it be fun!  I loaded the words onto quizlet and drilled them in the car, etc.  As long as you keep it short and sweet, it's no biggee.  Finding reading tedious because things aren't fluent is more likely to burn her out than a little drill.  :)

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You can use my concentration game as a fun way to build up practice.  I also like the I See Sam readers.




She could also try building her own words with my cards, another fun way to get in some practice, direct link to the cards and then some fun blending ideas for younger students from my blending page:







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