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Someone has GOT to take access to the computer away from me


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about an hour or two before bed.


This is the 2nd time this week I have read an email that I shouldn't have read right before be and it has kept me up.


Three nights ago it was something about my job.  It wasn't bad, but there was an issue with something and I couldn't stop thinking about it.


Tonight it is news that my mom isn't doing well.   


I need to read these in the MORNING!

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If you use Firefox, LeechBlock might be helpful. You can set it to ban access to certain websites between certain hours. (It's designed to help people who are easily distracted focus.) If you use Chrome, there are similar extensions, although I am not familiar with them.



These were all personal emails.

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They emailed you about your mom and did not call?



It was my dad.  He started the email by apologizing that it was an email but that phone calls would be overheard and not private and he didn't want my mom to hear.   He actually has some hearing loss and tends to shout these days.  My mom's hearing is actually very sharp.  It isn't a good combination!  HAHA!


Anyway, he is a physician, and not overly dramatic or emotional, so I do accept what he is saying as medically accurate and not just fear or unnecessary worry.


Neither of them is getting out much.  My dad really shouldn't drive anymore but he drives to the library, the grocery store, and church.   


They are in their 80s.

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