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A plea for 5th grade grammar (SWB - we need ALL!)


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My daughter went through FLL 1-4 and loved it. Grammar was the favorite part of her day after reading. This year we moved to R&S. It is not love. She hates the text. The sentences and drill are drab and she misses FLL. I thought I saw that ALL was coming out, but I notice that thread is gone so it may be on the back burner.


So... Where do we go from here? I see good stuff about Analytical Grammar... She's only 5th grade, but really never stumbled with anything in FLL4 and is happily working on Latin Prep so she's got a pretty decent understanding of grammar for her age.


Also, if anyone still has a copy of the first few lessons of ALL that were emailed out, would you mind sharing?!

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You used to be able to request the beta version of ALL from PHP. It is the first 15 weeks I think.


Alternatively, you could take a hear of from grammar and use that time for review of grammar roles, occasional diagramming, poetry review, reading good books, etc.


You could look at the free KISS grammar program. It is a different approach, but at that price you aren't wedded to it.


Sounds like you have a potential plan with MCT.


Sorry I don't have the answer you want, though! We could have used that program too.

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Two secular options that we are using:

1. No diagramming - Grammar workbook from Brookdale House: http://brookdalehouse.com/grammar-workbook/

They have a 40% off sale going on.


2. Diagramming - Steps to Good Grammar from Walch:




Alternatively, look at this free book on teaching grammar without a curriculum:


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