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How do you teach annotation??

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Search for how and why to annotate literature on YouTube. Also search/Google for "How to Mark a Book" by Mortimer Adler. We require in our co-op annotation on poetry, sometimes drama, short stories, critical essays written by others, etc. to be scanned and turned in several times a year. We require actual comments or questions rather than just an exclamation point or a smiley face. Dd annotated science articles frequently as prep to write essays in her DE science course.

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Yes, she noted any questions she had, any thoughts the reading provoked, what she wanted to investigate further, etc. Basically, her annotation is a record of her "conversation" with the reading...interaction instead of passive reading. this allowed her to look at her annotations of several readings to come up with a decent thesis statement. The science essays she did were not arguing scientific principles, but were focused on things like what scientific topic in this area is commonly misunderstood and why does it matter. Annotating allowed her to develop an arguable opinion and support it.

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Something I think made a difference for my daughter was looking at a heavily annotated book that I'd picked up at a private high school's used book sale. My daughter could see what annotation might look like and get an idea of why annotating could be so helpful. It was interesting to flip through and follow a couple themes .... loss, responsibility, man vs self,... and to notice figurative language ... irony, hyperbole.

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