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Has anyone tried GPS LoveMath, freebie?

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I was wondering if anyone has tried the GPS LoveMath program?   I have the free summer subscription from Homeschoolbuyers and am looking over it, when I discovered a huge error in one of their teaching samples on fractions. ( I reported it).   I know published books often have errors, and they do send out correction sheets...however, this caught me as odd that this one is so obvious and it hasn't been fixed yet.  I am wondering what else may be wrong in the program?


A family I know will homeschool their child soon. She has used Abeka 3 for math, but I am not sure this is the best option for her. It seems Abeka doesn't have much in the way of reinforcing their new skill, yet does a tremendous amount of review on previous skills. This girl was not solid in a great deal of the skills, and being ADD, I feel she would do better with a different curriculum. (too much writing in Abeka).


I have thought about Teaching Textbooks. Perhaps an online program to help relieve the parents of too many 'new' subjects to teach during their first year with her. 


Or if anyone has successfully used GPS LoveMath and could give me feedback, I would appreciate it!  Thank you...

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