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Microsoft office?

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We just bought the kids new laptops.  The previous ones came with Microsoft office installed; these do not.  In a quick search to figure out how to get MO onto both of their laptops, I'm finding only the option to pay for MO in a cloud type service per month?  Seriously?  I dont want another BILL.  What am I missing?  How do I get my hands on 2 licenses for an installed version?

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We don't use it at all.  I either use Google Drive - free, and lives in a cloud.  You only pay if you need more storage.  The other program I use is Open Office  - also free.  Both programs can save files in a format that MS Office users can open.  Both programs can open MS Office files.  We have been without MS Office for years and it's never been a problem. 






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Yes, MS Office is now a yearly subscription product. 

Some colleges have free access for their students as part of the fees so if you have college kids, check that out. 

Otherwise, if you don't want to pay, use Open Office or Libre Office. They both will open microsoft documents & have pretty much the same features. 

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You can still buy microsoft office. Search for Microsoft Office 2016 instead of office 365. 

I would check through any colleges your DC attend or workplaces. My DH can get discounted copies of Office 2016 for home computers. There are student and educators discounts and sometimes stores like best buy , fry's will have deals with gift cards.

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