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Book or checklist -- life skills before leaving home

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I think I have seen this discussed here before, but I'm having no luck searching.


My older son and I have been discussing practical life skills to have before leaving home. My family wasn't very intentional about this and I ended up with lots of holes. Not a problem, but I would like to expose my kids to different sorts of things that they would need to know how to do / how they work as a functioning adult. I'm imagining day to day sorts of things, but if there are items that are longer term and would fit into a gap year that's great too. The sorts of things that spring to mind are various sorts of basic cooking, how to handle checking accounts and tax returns, but I'm sure there's a ton of things I'm not thinking of. 


I seem to remember a book or checklist that someone recommended along those lines. Any ideas?

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Life Skills for Kids by Christine Field covers a very wide range of topics -- I love that she even includes "learning to celebrate", as our culture as become so tied up with long work hours and clearing one hurdle just to race on to the next -- not leaving time to celebrate our accomplishments. :) 


If you just would like a checklist, here are a few:

Family Education: Age by Age Life Skills Guide and Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Busy Kids Happy Mom: Life Skills for Children ages 2-18

Thirty Handmade Days: Guidelines for Practical Life Skills for Kids! -- she also has charts for cooking, cleaning and budget/money management

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My DH is planning one for our kids as a type of game - he wants to do the regular stuff like manage checking account and laundry, but he's also going to make a scavenger hunt in our nearest Big City and just drop them off with only public transport, and they can meet us for dinner with their completed list. :)  (It's in development, as we haven't actually launched any kids, but - I think it sounds fun.) :)

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