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Who's going to tackle healthy eating/exercise with me Tuesday?


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Greetings everyone!  My pc is not reliable.  I did post once or twice on another topic - was going to post later each time and was unable to do so.


It's been interesting though.  I noticed by NOT posting I was more random in my eating and not as disciplined.  Truly, I need to keep record/accountability.


Breakfast - leftover quiche (chicken, ham, cheese, egg, broccoli), coffee, 5 almonds dipped in TJ's pumpkin cream cheese (I bought several and froze) lol


Lunch - 3 TJ's chicken nuggets, 1/2 c. TJ's Roasted Red Pepper/Tomato soup, 1 oz. ice cream


Water - slurp, slurp to meet my quota


Snack - 1 slice deli chicken breast, 1 ak mak cracker w/1 t. peanut butter


Dinner - I think I'm making beef fajitas


Exercise - I may take today off, haven't decided yet.





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ok, i'm lazy today.  not only am I not exercising which is unusual but I also had a 1/3 of a deli sandwich when I didn't even need one.  and, I had more almonds and cream cheese. i'll need to nip this in the bud. 


more raw foods.  I haven't had a salad in a few days and I usually have my go to salad every day for lunch but not the last 3 days.   back to lettuce salad!

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