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Pencil Grips?

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*This isn't about whether or not I SHOULD teach my kids a "correct" pencil grip or just let them have it, but rather on the usefulness of plastic pencil grips.


I am teaching two kiddos handwriting right now and while I never gave two hoots about grip for any of my other kiddos, I'm seeing the importance now.


Anyone have opinions on using a plastic pencil grip either yea or nay?  

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We tried the Pencil Grip (it's rubber - shown last here:  https://theanonymousot.com/2013/04/19/pencil-grip-101/)  and didn't have any success with it.  It is very bulky and uncomfortable to write with, IMO.  We are going to try something else this year...maybe just the hair tie idea.  My middle kiddo likes to scrunch her hand down to the very tip of the pencil.  She needs a reminder to keep her grip higher up on the pencil. 

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