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Free task management app to sync with google calendar?


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I need it to sync seamlessly and immediately. This is for high school and college student to organize school assignments, so due dates, reminders and sub folders are helpful as well. I used Do More Better recommendations by Tim Challies, he recommends Todoist. It looks like only Premium syncs with google calendar and I would prefer free.



Any ideas? {It just seems like a paper planner is a waste of time for repeated tasks and also has a lack of reminders to their google calendars.}


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For repeated tasks, I just made a separate Google calendar and added them on there, setting them to repeat. I tried a bunch of different apps and didn't find anything that was free/cheap, user-friendly, and reliable enough for me. I have a calendar for daily tasks (like morning/evening routines), a calendar for cleaning tasks (like Motivated Moms but customized for me), and a calendar for Very Important Things like birthdays, weekly review reminders, reminders to check my library account, etc. 




ETA: If you do it this way, you can actually set your calendar to send you an email daily (around 5 a.m.) with everything on that calendar for the day, which I love. You might also look at Google Keep--it may do what you need it to do, though I'm not entirely sure. I was only introduced to it briefly very recently and haven't had much time to play with it yet. 

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