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WTMA writing class

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My daughter is taking EW1 this year, and has loved it.  It has taken a load off of my shoulders.  It is nice to have someone else do the teaching and grade my daughters papers!  The accountability is great too.  So yes, it is completely worth the investment!! She normally spends under an hour on the days she does not have class.  My daughter has really enjoyed the class and we plan to register for next fall as well.  

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My son went from WWE3 in fourth grade to WWS 1 (or Expository 1) in 5th grade. He LOVED it and learned a lot. We are doing Expository 2 this year and he insists he will do Expo 3 next year.


I taught WWS 1-3 with my older boy and it was fine. WTMA wasn't around then. I was literally just telling dh how happy I am to not have to teach that class, lol. It does take some time and ds2 does have homework on the weekends...but not for meeeeee! lol. I was constantly giving ds1 extensions or skipping sections to stay on track. My boys are ballet dancers and there is always a ballet or a show to prepare for. It can be so easy to for me to rearrange their school to make room for dance. But having ds2 in the class keeps us both honest.


So far ds2 has had two different teachers, each with very different class style and both times ds2 has liked it. He was convinced he would NEVER like another teacher as much as he liked his first one  :svengo: But after about three classes he conceded that it might be possible to think that both teachers are "the best ever" lol. 

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