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Evaluation Letter Example?


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You may want to ask more state specific?


Our evaluators' forms are very simple.


Student name

Supervisor's Name

School Year

"I, so-and-so, have conducted an evaluation of the home education program for This Child.  The program consisted of instruction in the required subjects for the time required by the state of Pennsylvania.  As required, the student's portfolio includes:

A log which designates reading materials used.

Samples of any writings, worksheets, or creative materials used or developed by the student.

The results of standardized testing in reading/language arts and mathematics if the student is in grades 3, 5, or 8.

Based upon my review of the portfolio and my interview with the student, I have determined that the student has demonstrated sustained progress in the overall program. I hereby certify that an appropriate education has occurred."

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Our evaluator provides a form letter with spaces for the child's name, the academic year, and the evaluator's name and signature.


Academic Assessment Report

Portfolio: Option #2

Administrative Code 3301-34-04


...[text of relevant section of the Ohio Adminstrative Code] ...




I hereby indicate that a portfolio of samples  of  ___________’s work has been reviewed by me and that academic progress for this year _______ is in accordance with his/her abilities.



Name of reviewer: 

Review’s signature 

(i) a certified teacher

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