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Classical Conversations material at home - No community - is it worth it?


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There are certain things about CC that appeal to me. Memorization to song is something that I know my kids would benefit hugely from. We already do this for scripture memory and I'm amazed at how much they retain. However, I'm not a huge fan of the way the community is set up, and mostly with the time it takes and how that time is spent. We are already a part of a co-op that emphasizes more of what I would want in a co-op (more focus on the arts and instruction from professionals). But I still like the idea of implementing some of the CC materials into our homeschool. If you do this, can you tell me how this looks? Do you do all of it or just pick and choose? Do you go at your own pace or stick with the CC cycle? How do you introduce the memory work and review it? Thanks for any input!

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The CC cycle is overwhelming in my opinion. We are focusing on The Timeline Song for now which is jam packed with goodies. We get books from the library to expound upon things we've memorized from the song. We also have the Foundation's Guide which is fabulous, but between nursery rhymes, Bible verses and The Timeline Song we have plenty for now. I plan to memorize the content from the guide in context as we do My Father's World later.

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See this post (#41) in the thread "I had no idea Classical Conversations was so expensive" -- it is by Lotsoflittleducklings. Since she has done CC at home, you might private message her for more details. :)


TheAttachedMama (in "Do you memorize the CC timeline card date? How?") does the CC timeline at home and has not been part of a CC community. Also from the past thread "Input about Classical Conversations", it looks like Squawky Acres (post #16), and paulasue (post #17) planned to do CC at home this past year -- so any of those ladies might have tips for you.


Or, here are more ideas for memory work other than CC materials: "Memory Work Resources?"


Also, you might find these blog articles on doing CC at home helpful:

Half a Hundred Acre Wood: Classical Conversations at Home

Not Consumed: Organizing Classical Conversations at Home

Homeschool with Winnie: Classical Conversations without a Community Group

Laugh With Us: Classical Conversations at Home

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