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Help with Science--is this path okay?

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We have not done much science. I am calling this 11yo's 6th grade year. We've most recently just been in SITB which was nice, since 7yo could join us, they loved the hands-on stuff, etc.


I am wondering if it is okay to spend the bulk of middle school doing Ellen McHenry stuff. Is that an okay path to a solid high school science program, when we get there? 11yo has okay study skills, a great memory, good student, etc., so I'm not worried about her not being able to learn science in high school, but want to provide a solid basis for her as we head there.


We would start with The Brain and then go to things like the cells, chemistry, etc., essentially trying to cover most of McHenry's science materials, because it looks fun and 11yo is very visual. Then starting a high school science path in 9th, maybe even considering AP level courses in 10th or so.


Tell me it's okay, or not. :-) TIA!

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Sounds like a good plan.


It's middle school science. If you did something you'd be okay. The Ellen McHenry stuff is something substantial even. She doesn't have anything for physics or earth science though - just something to keep in mind. And you might also add in other books. Lots of people have enjoyed having their middle schoolers read The Disappearing Spoon for chemistry, for example.

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