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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Twins up at 5 am. Sent back to bed by me.


2 loads of laundry washed, hung up, dried brought in and folded.


Beds made


Kitchen bench tops cleaned of clutter


Ds12 math,explode the code, grammar and reader done ( not much I know but more than yesterday)


Twins 2 pages preschool rod and staff, reading eggs, and cut and paste activity


Kitchen floor swept twice


Not much of a list I know, but way more than the last few days.


Feeling much better than I have for the last few days post operation. Surgen told me i should be close to normal in 2 more weeks

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  1. Swimming...(done) 

Took the girls out for a "treat" lunch 

Home to...laundry (lots of laundry, as we've been cleaning out the boys' room all week -- the LEGOs leave the bedroom tonight to be earned back), but they will also come home to freshly laundered linens, pillows, a room dusted/mopped, decorated and cleaned out of too small clothing.  I have replenished my goggle bag, and found 4 missing practice suits for the oldest.  I kind of feel like we should get to keep the $10 in loose change we found all over the room ;)  

Hop on the NEW FAST internet (we're moving on up!  Our first test was 76mpbs, vs our previous high of 2.02mbps -- we uploaded video and pictures at a speed of 20mbps!)  I have joined the internet age -- and we can stream video -- multiple people at a time!!!!

More swimming work (workouts for next week, typing up a few things from this week, calendar)

More school planning (our school starts in 2 weeks...yikes...so I have to finalize all plans -- Science will be the biggie next week, as I should complete everyone's LA plans this week).

General Clean Up (mainly because I don't want to be cleaning all weekend!  I know the boys are bringing home a bag of stinky clothes each, so I'm really trying to get as much done before they get home as I can).

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Got dog out before she made a mess.  Major victory!



Take care of silly dog (and other animals - the cats are thoroughly traumatized)

Work more on Latin - should try to submit it this a.m.


Plumber never came yesterday, assures he will come today

Go to 9:15 daily Mass

At some point today I want to go shopping for bathroom things:  rugs, toothbrush holders


Dd's opening night - must get her there by 5:30

p/u dd after show

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Still working on my quarterly accounting reports, semiannual compliance reports, and monthly loan servicing.  I have hundreds of reports due in July.  Good thing the month end lands on a weekend, so that gives me until Monday before I'm officially late.  But the clients want time to review.  I hope to get the remaining "important" ones out this morning.


Today my more hardy kid comes home from farm camp.  I look forward to her brain dump on what they did all week.


The other kid has chores and assignments, which she probably won't do because she's like that.


Dinner out in the evening, then probably some old TV shows on DVD and bed (for the kids).


Then more work.

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Update:  I forgot, tonight is the free concert on public square.  One of our party made plans with another family to try to have dinner beforehand and go together.  So that will be my entire post-business-hours plan.  I love this concert every year.  I hope it isn't too stressful with the other people there - these are people my friend tries to "impress" and expects me and my kids to do the same, which makes things awkward for me.  But so far my kids don't seem to mind.

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I haven't had to drive anyone to work this morning, so I am not sure what to do with myself. :D


OK fine. I will get busy.


For Today:

Done Finish dd13's history reading schedule

Done Find Astronomy books

Done Check astronomy supplies and basic schedule

Done Put away history/misc books from last year

Done Drink water

Done Tidy

Make daily lesson pages

Done Schedule fall music lessons

Finish arrangement of In My Life

Done Bake birthday cake

Done IP hard boiled eggs

Done Order cello music

Done Plumber

Done Drink water

Register for school year

Get Sat. picnic food ready


Lunch - food

Dinner - tortellini, brussel sprouts

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At the urgent care with dh, who has a sprained ankle. He needs crutches and a tetanus shot.


Once he is settled for the day, I might get some of my list done:

thrift shop

science project supply list

house cleaning

menu planning

walk the dog


Pick up dd, back from camp, tonight!!

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Good afternoon

- order my school supplies from Staples- done (I only had to order Better Binders)

- dishes- doing a cleaning cycle on the dishwasher

- fold laundry

- tidy house- round 1 done

- get some groceries and gas

- meet friend to give her some clothes

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- work

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- fixed light on my desk

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Good afternoon! I spent the morning at the state tennis tournament. Ds3 won his bracket!! Super fun and dmil took us to lunch after.

To do:

Take dd2 to practice

Run to TJ's

Mail package to dd1 (treats for her meet next week)

Pick up dd2


Movie tonight maybe


Have a great day!

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Dh and Ds have gone to bed. I wish I were in bed too!


I am staying up late to pick up Dd when she gets back from camp. Another parent is driving several girls home, but apparently they got a 2 hr. late start from camp?!  I am sure there is a reason, a story, but right now I'm just kind of annoyed. I know there have not been car troubles or health issues. 


Too tired to do real work and just finished my library books. Off to scan the shelves for a good re-read...


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