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What the dang heck?!


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It can be the particular car, if the make/model is known to be particularly easy to break in to (really, MOST cars are not difficult to break in to if the person knows what they're doing, based on my experience with locksmiths getting me into my car when I've locked the keys in); it can be presence/absence of tint in the windows and what you leave in the car (they can see stuff they want in there). Location is a big factor, thieves case locations where they can get away with what they're doing.


Mostly it's bad luck.



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Huh WHAT? Where are earth are you? I've never had a car burglarized. Ever! In my life! And I've lived lots of places! I guess we've always had houses that were in pretty safe/nice areas, and we don't have show-y cars, but, gosh, really, that's AWFUL!!


What did they take? Is it something you can hide or remove? Do you leave bank envelopes on your seat?? (Just kidding!) 

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