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How do you do All About Reading fluency pages?


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We are loving AAR so far! It's going well and not too hard for my son. He easily reads the cards, does the games, etc but moans and groans at just the sight of the fluency pages.


He can't be the only one. How do people handle these? Suggestions for making them more fun?

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Some things we've done:


*use a highlighter to mark each word as it's read

*use Lego minifigs and have them "read" the word in their voices (Batman is particularly fun)

*put a sunflower seed, chocolate chip, or Cheerio on each word or the end of a sentence

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When my son was younger, we split the fluency pages across several days.  Using the little "window" card helped him focus on each word and not feel quite so overwhelmed.  
Also, he enjoyed the sentences (they are silly) better than the word lists. So we might skip to the sentences and just do a portion of the word lists each day.

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I took an idea from an AAR blog post awhile ago and it changed the fluency sheet conundrum entirely!

We made a hungry monster that lives on words. (And gets whiny and too hungry if she puts off reading for too long, ha.)

I printed off an extra "Feed the Monster" sheet and glued it on a sheet of paper, let DD color it, wrapped it around an empty mini oatmeal canister, and let her sticker/googly eye the thing practically to death. Then I cut out the mouth part.


For each lesson, I make copies of the sheets so that I can cut the individual words out. I keep them in bags based on the sections that they're already in. She "feeds" her monster the word after she reads it, and when we finish a section, she pretends that it [insert bodily function]s all of the words back into the bag. 


The fluency sheets were such a chore, but now she really enjoys them.  :thumbup:

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