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Online Latin, asynchronous (not live) recommendations

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I'm looking for a good online Latin class for my DD11; she's been through GSWL and is gifted.  She's in school until mid-afternoon (mountain time, USA) so most of the live classes I've looked at (Lone Pine, Lukeion, etc.) won't work.  I'd love to find something that has a video or recorded lecture component but doesn't require active participation at a certain time of the day (unless by miracle that time is well into the evening hours, or at least after say 4pm).  


We've tried a few curricula at home for Latin but to be honest I don't want to learn Latin myself and I don't really have time to learn it and teach her.  She is pretty self-directed.  


If anyone has any suggestions for a good, rigorous writing class for gifted learners with the same attributes as above that would be great too :)

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