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Chemistry keeping all ages together

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My children are rising 4th, 7th, and 8th. They are all interested in studying Chemistry this year. I am NOT a science lover and would prefer to outsource this. I was going to have my 7th and 8th graders do Apologia General together taking an outside class for the labs. I'm just worried that times would interfere with our studies since we only school 4 days a week and already have a pretty full schedule with dance, choir, piano, etc. I also think that Apologia would be amazing for my science loving 7th grader, but my 8th grader would be bored out of her mind. 


With that being said, they've all shown interest in wanting to study Chemistry. My thinking is that it's still possible to keep them together since I don't have a highschooler yet, but I don't want my daughter to be bombarded when entering 9th grade next year because she will be doing Apologia along with the lab classes for high school credits. 


Is there a way of keeping them all together, studying Chemistry at their request, but still giving my 8th grader enough this year to get her "warmed up" for starting high school so that she's not overwhelmed? Has anyone put together their own curriculum for a span of ages? Is there a curriculum out there that would fill this request? 

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I'm teaching 4th-8th Chemistry for Co-op this year..... The Elements first Semester, Carbon Chemistry second semester. (Ellen McHenry)

I've added extra resources from books and Internet....... I'm also adding an "Element Fair" after studying The Elements....similar to a science fair.... Each student will choose their favorite element to make a presentation on adding all sorts of information about it.... Examples like food or objects made from that element....slideshow....the sky's the limit!

I'm giving out Aaron's Thinking Putty as a job well done!


There are so many awesome chemistry resources for kids!

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