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Meeting with Psychologist tomorrow about DD7's possible dyslexia

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Hello all,

You have all been so helpful in the past and I wanted to get your opinion on this. My DH and I are meeting with a psychologist tomorrow for an initial meeting to discuss my 7 year old daughter's reading difficulties. The psych meets with parents first before doing any initial testing with the child. I have already filled out a bunch of forms the psych sent us regarding my daughter's development, milestones, and difficulties, to bring to the meeting.


To back up a bit, I decided to pursue this because my dd has had a difficult time learning to read. I have posted before, but for those of you who do not know, my dd confuses b and d, has slow, choppy reading, drops suffixes (reading "run" instead or "running), and incorrectly reads words I think she should already know. Example: the other day she read the word "bag" as "baj" (with a soft g). All this to say that we are having our initial meeting tomorrow with the psych, and I wanted to know what questions should I ask? Anything I should be sure to tell psychologist that I may not be thinking about? Any other tips to prepare for the meeting?


Thanks for your help!

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Just did this recently for DD.  She goes in for the full eval at the end of August.


You might ask what tests they are considering.  Get a list.  I forgot to ask and wish I hadn't.


Also, think about areas where your child may have strengths.  Mention those.  


Are there areas outside of academics that seem glitchy or she has real strengths?  You might mention those.


How is she with number sense/math in general?  What about the physical act of writing?  


Ask how long the evaluation may run.  Ask whether there will be a meeting afterwards to go over the results and how long that meeting will usually run.  Ask if you can contact them again later after you have had time to process the results.  You will almost certainly have follow up questions.  Ask if they just give you the numerical results or also in depth analysis.  Do they do follow up evals if the results warrant it?  Do they include a preliminary screening for things like CAPD/ADHD/ADD?


Take a pad of paper and a pen with you.  One of you take notes while the other listens attentively.  

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Hmm, I've been to so many psychs in the last few years, it seems as normal as going to the dentist.  (not fun but common, lol)  But you're right, when you're first doing it it's TRAUMATIC and scary!  That's great that your dh is going with you.  What a show of support!  If you want, you could plan to eat ice cream or something afterward, just to take some time to process before you go home.  Might be you'll have some curve balls, but even if you don't it's still nice to have an ice cream or lunch.  :)


As long as the psych does a CTOPP, that's the main thing.  Is this psych homeschool-friendly?  I would be prepared to answer questions about what you've done to teach her to read so far, and put it in terms the psych can understand.  Like they might not know curriculum, but they will understand if you say you've been using a program based on a streamlined version of Orton-Gillingham, etc.  Whatever you've done, I'd be prepared to explain it.  If there are things you might test well that reflect  your use of intervention materials, then be prepared to explain that as well.  Like if you've been doing Ronit Bird for math, then say you've been using intervention materials for dyscalculia.  


I will warn you upfront, some psychs are real jerks.  Hopefully yours will be much better, but I actually had one tell me multiple times AND IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND that parents of dyslexics should not teach their own kids.  I kid you not!  So don't let anything shock you.  Whatever the psych says, you go thanks for the opinion, I'll think about it.


The information will be good!  Good luck!  :)

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