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Who's going to tackle healthy eating/exercise with me Monday?


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Hey y'all,


How was your weekend?   Mine was not great.   In the past I'd be so upset with myself and used that as an excuse to eat.  No more!  


My annual came back good but I'm borderline with A1C (is that what it's called?) and glucose level is a little high as well as cholesterol.  Shall we add goals to this group?  YES!   Glad you all agree LOL!


Goal - lose weight to lower my A1C, glucose and cholesterol levels and sister goal to stop taking b.p. med. 


Breakfast - mini crepe with 3-4 sliced strawberries, coffee, almonds 8


Lunch - not home so shared a chicken santorini with dd at Showmars


Water - need to drink more


Exercise - 30 minutes treadmill and a tad faster


Dinner - brown rice pasta with shrimp and veggies

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Goals: Get to my ideal wait (no clue what that is), become strong, fast and flexible. My blood work rocks. :coolgleamA:


Breakfast: Bacon, spinach and tomato quiche.


Lunch: Leftovers pot roast and veggies.


Dinner: Sweet potatoe soup.


Snacks: Hard boiled egg, grape tomatoes.


Water: Hit my 100oz goal.


Exercise: Not there yet after baby.


This is supposed to be yesterday, right? I don't know how to play.

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Breakfast -- cheese toast and coffee


Lunch -- Salad and Wheat Thins


Dinner -- Grilled chicken, sauteed veggies, melon


Snacks -- Wheat Thins and two dark chocolate Hershey's Kiss


Exercise -- Walked the dog, did a lot of cleaning and threw in a few squats and lunges. I'm at 12,789 steps for the day. :)  

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