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I have a daughter going into the 7th grade this year and we've been using BJU Math. It takes her way too long to complete each day's assignment, is very redundant, and she is just bored and really has come to dislike math. I was thinking of trying out Saxon 8/7 with her this year and hopefully, even if she doesn't just absolutely love it, she will enjoy it a bit more and will be ready for Saxon Pre-Algebra in 8th grade. Thoughts?


Also, my son will be re-doing 4th grade this year (mainly because his birthday falls in August and I want to really solidify things before moving on). He did Horizons for 1st and 2nd grade and it was a miserable struggle. He understood the concepts but the redundancy really frustrated him and we had numerous melt downs. I switched him to Singapore Math and it has been wonderful for him! It moves quick (which helps because he can't sit very long), however, I'm worried that the concepts aren't sticking. He craves social activity and there's a math class with other students available for him to take but they're doing Saxon 5/4. Would you try it out with him for the sake of his social and competitive nature?...and for reinforcing the concepts from his previous 4th grade in Singapore?

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1.  For your daughter I don't know that Saxon would inspire her liking of or at least tolerating math if she already finds it boring.  Actually, it might kill her interest all together, TBH.  There is a lot of repetition.  


There are probably other math programs that might work.  Since you are using Singapore for the younger, do you think it might work for her?


She MIGHT do well with CLE if you were willing to cross out some of the review problems in areas she is solid.  Give the placement test, though.  CLE is easier to accelerate than Saxon, too.  If she is grasping concepts quickly she might be able to do two lessons of new material and one lesson of review each day.  Skip the quizzes.  That would get her through a Light Unit in 8 or 9 days instead of 17.  She might like the faster pace but would still have plenty of review to keep things fresh.






2.  Yes, if your child is very social then I would try the math class for your son.  It might work very well.  And if it doesn't you can always pull him out, right?  He could still do Singapore at home as a side thing, maybe just doing the word problem work books or something.

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Singapore stops at 6th grade, so it isn't an option for her. I have never heard of CLE. Would this prepare her well for the High School years? It somewhat looks like ACE. I did ACE growing up and it was fine, but nothing worth singing praises about. She's so bright that I don't want anything keeping her back.

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CLE is actually a really good math program and many here have used it successfully through Algebra I (the program changes after that). There are many threads about CLE. It covers quite a bit of ground.


If she is really bright and has a flair for math, though, then further down the road you might look at AoPS prealgebra and then AoPS Algebra if you don't think she is ready for prealgebra right now. There are also online classes.


In the interim hopefully others will chime in with options.

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