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Landry Academy Specials going on now

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Landry Academy has unadvertised specials going on now with great freebies (like extra generic semesters, free 2 day intensives, etc) for purchasing 1 or more generic semesters.


The specials are shown at this link, and change every 4 hours or so (at the time I posted this, you had to buy 2 semesters to get the special, but yesterday it was just 1).


From their newsletter:

Final Unadvertised Homeschool Specials

Our final specials for the year are here...

Periodically we offer some great specials for a few days.
The individual specials will be unadvertised - we won't
be sending email for each special, so you'll need to
remember to check the specials page frequently if you
want to see each special. They change every four hours.

These are worth setting reminders. Bless your family!
Bless others!

- Generic online class semesters for 2016-17
- Generic online class semesters for 2017-18
- Two day intensive generics for 2016-17
- Two day intensive generics for 2017-18
- Blessings for your friends
- Summer camp generics for 2017
- Summer camp generics for 2018
- Trips
- And more

They will change approximately every 4 hours:

Please consider forwarding this to your
homeschooling friends and your homeschool group.

All the specials will only be located on this page...


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