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Conference calls!


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Does anyone else dread conference calls where you may be asked to contribute something substantive, or questioned about your responsibilities?  I feel like running away every time.  Have to do breathing exercises and such.  Feel like life as I know it is about to end.  Can't think about anything else for some time before a call.  After 25 years of work-related calls, you would think one would get used to it.  Nope.


Just thought I'd post to see if this is a common problem among women.  :)

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I work from home and I  am always worried my dog will start barking when I unmute my phone to speak.  Actually contributing only makes me nervous if the owner or CEO is on the line.


Oh yeah, I work from home and the neighbors / service people always seem to do their loud maintenance stuff during my conference calls.  :P  I don't worry about that though.


When my kids were babies, I used to worry that they would make noise during my conference calls, but they usually didn't.  Except the one contentious call when my then-2yo shouted, "I have to go POO POO!"  :P  Serves them right for calling me during dinner time!


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