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World History Overview for young children from creationist point of view?


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I am looking for a read-aloud, world history overview for my ds (preK) that I can read through a couple of times over the next few years. No narration or anything like that, just something where I can read a chapter per day, repeat the book several times over the course of a few years, and start giving him a general idea of some world history before we delve into SOTW when he's older. It will also serve as a way to self-educate for me :)


So, I looked at Hillyer and it seemed perfect, until I stated reading it and realized that, it completely conflicts with my views of creation, and "pre-history", and Gombrich's world history has the same issue. I guess I could just skip the first several chapters, but I see that she continues to refer back to prehistoric times, stone age, bronze age etc. throughout the first part of the book, so it seems a little cumbersome to me. If my ds was a lot older, I would probably just use it and explain the difference in our beliefs, but I really don't think it's something I want to use as his first glimpse of "the beginning of history".


Any tried and true resources out there for a world history for young kids, readable, and from a creationist viewpoint?


many thanks!


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I your son significantly younger than 6 (the age SOTW volume 1 is recommend for)?


If so, young kids really have a hard time understanding the concept of history since they have so little of their own.  I'd consider holding off until he reaches a good age for SOTW.

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Thank you all for your suggestions and thoughts! I really like the idea of the streams of civilization and then transitioning straight into SOTW. I think i'll just hold off until he's a bit older, and maybe read some historical fiction or something just to introduce some of the ideas/civilizations to him while I learn about it myself over the next year or two. Thanks again!

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Yes, older is better I think. SOTW is really the best I've seen for younger kids. I originally ordered Mystery of History because of your same concern, but once I had it in my hand I realized it was way beyond my 6yo. SOTW starts out with early humans and skips over the whole topic of evolution. So it is pretty easy to just preface your study with books like Yellow and Pink, Life in the Great Ice Age, Dry Bones and Other Fossils... just browse through the AiG bookstore. 


Also DK History of the World encyclopedia has an earlier edition that has been edited for MFW curriculum... you can buy it from Rainbow Resource. The first 100 pages have been removed. Not appropriate for a younger student; I bought it for my son in 6th. 

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