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Something between logic countdown and lift off?

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Not to highjack, *but* what is the difference between the Logic Liftoff series and Logic Safari?


We've used both. The Liftoff series is a wide variety of logic problems and puzzles - analogies, patterns, deductive reasoning, putting things in order, inferences, etc. There are a few of each type of puzzle or problem in each book. It also introduces formal logic notation by the final book.


The Safari series is only deductive reasoning logic grid problems.


Both series are short workbooks.

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You could do both: start with Count Down, have lots of success and get a good foundation, and then move on to Lift Off. It could be that once she completes Count Down, she'll be in "logic mode" and ready for Lift Off.


More critical thinking ideas to develop a variety of brain thinking and puzzle solving skills to aid in preparing for more formal Logic:



- Puzzlemania series (gr. 1-5) -- variety of "best of" puzzles from Highlights magazine

- Dr. Funster Think-A-Minutes (gr. 3-6)

- Dr. Funster's Creative Thinking Puzzlers (gr. 3-6)

- Critical Thinking Activities in Pattern, Image, Logic (gr. 4-6) -- by Seymour

- critical thinking puzzles from Tin Man press



- Logic Journey of the Zoombinis (by grade level)

- Revenge of the Logic Spiders (by grade level)

- Crazy Contraptions series (gr. 3+)

- Operation: Neptune (gr. 3-6)

- Mission: T.H.I.N.K. (gr. 2-6)



- Mastermind

- Amazing Labrynth

- 221 B. Baker Street

- Checkers

- Chess

- Boggle

- Scrabble

- Quarto


puzzle pages:

- mazes

- crosswords, word jumbles, anagrams

- codes, cryptograms

- sudoku puzzles

- ken-ken puzzles


solving "whodunnits":

- minute mystery books by Conrad, Sobol, Sukach, Obriest, and others

- Reading Detective

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