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X-post CLE American History Changing Frontiers

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How many daily lessons are there? I counted 108 from the Table of Content. I want to double check if that is correct,

If you have two dc doing it, do you buy them each a set of workbooks? Does it seem to be too much writing in the workbook for each lesson?

I just read the textbook sample and the workbook samples. I would like some ideas how to use this program.

Now I need to read America the Beautiful books. I have them all.

I might need to purchase Changing Frontiers textbookand workbooks.

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I have the entire sets of light units. There are 15 lessons in each one and the test. Two of those are quizzes, one is a self-check (a review of the light unit). My plan is to cover a light unit in about 3 weeks. I'll add quizzes to the following lesson when I need to skip a day because of outside activities. If you don't count the quizzes as an entire day, but you counted everything else as a day including tests, it would be 140 days/lessons. 


Each child would need a set of the workbooks. Writing things down is what helps my kids retain and learn, so it isn't too much for us. 


I'm going to spread it over two years and add in historical fiction after each light unit. I'm also going to be doing some geography and regular social studies topics thrown in here and there, too. 


I've read a bit in it, and I love it!



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Thanks a lot for the info. Would you mind sharing your historical fiction list if you have made one? I will incorporate some of Songlight American history Core 100 books. I would like to have more to choose from.

I've not finalized it, but I'll share what I'm considering. He is young for his grade level and doesn't love to read, so some might be a bit young. He's only going into 8th.


Witch of Blackbird Pond

Johnny Tremain

Amos Fortune Free Man

Elijah of Buxton

Across Five Aprils

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

A Long Way from Chicago

Number the Stars

The Book Thief

I Am David

The Wednesday Wars

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Sorry I am wavering again.

I read my America the Beautiful books today.

Pros: beautiful, plentiful pictures throughout

Five lessons in each unit with geography, biography, famous landmarks, and daily life description

Activities are flexible, you can choose which ones to skip.

We the People looks great for primary sources

Cons: history part not deep or detailed enough

Map work is tedious with just coloring or circling

Timeline can be better, too

Changing Frontiers is more detailed. It is more pure history.

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