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Educating about money/debt/investment

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I am looking into homeschooling among other reasons because I would like my daughter to learn about real world situations and about the myriad of ways that she can manage and earn money. 


Does anyone else feel the same way? What do you worry about in regards to your kids finances and are you teaching them anything in particular? 


If anyone has used any resources at all I would be really interested to hear how you got on with them? 


Many thanks!

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We haven't done much formally but this last school year we did Junior Acheivement BizTown, it was 5 or 6 classes and culminated with a day at the BizTown center where they had to be citizens working and spending money in a town. They learned a lot and loved it. You don't mention your kids' ages but it may be worth looking into.

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Thanks to you both for your replies. My daughter is only 3, so I am a ways off yet, but trying to understand what I want her schooling to look like when she hits 5/6. 


The junior BizTown thing is new to me - thanks SemiSweet, I will look into it :) I play the cashflow board game myself online, and will definitely going to buy the 'real' version when she gets old enough so we can play as a family. 


I guess my major fear is that she ends up slaving away at a job she doesn't really enjoy while abusing credit cards and getting into debt. I had to make my own journey through that path, and want something different for her. It also feels to me that in today's society jobs for life are a thing of the past, so I want her to have an entrepreneurial mindset, not just to understand how to save up for something she wants to buy.


Am I the only potential home-schooler who worries about this? Lol, my husband does say I worry too much!



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At the age and such we lump it under parenting and not homeschooling. We never could find a good allowance system but when do give one we teach some for spending some for saving some for investing and some for giving.


I think at the elementary age it's about character building: resourcefulness, don't be wasteful, instill a since of what money is. A interesting concept for my kids because they always see me sliding my debit card and rarely handling actual money



Earlier this month there was this thread: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/616296-budget-simulating-game/?do=findComment&comment=7084989 Has some neat resources

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I approach this topic as parenting, not really homeschooling. Ron Lieber has a new book out on the topic, which I thought was a good overview.


We start an allowance at age 5 (1 quarter per year of life, so $1.50 for my 6yo), and let them open a bank account, start teaching about earning vs paying interest, and other related topics. We discuss things like charitable giving, taxes, insurance, college and retirement funds, making choices that are in our budget, regularly as they come up in real life. During Lent we work extra hard at making the connection between our material sacrifices and being able to give money to those in need. My dad was very deliberate with us when we were kids- showing us the electric bill, or the property tax bill, so that we were well-equipped for adulthood. It's a gradual process that builds on itself.


Kids need to be told even something as simple as "Daddy gets paid for the work he does at work, which is how we pay for our food, electricity, and summer camp." I'll verbalize the thought process of "I'd like to go out to dinner tonight, but I'd rather save that money and use it on vacation when we can get delicious crab cakes." So far, my kids seem interested and are following along. I find the Lego catalog to be extremely instructive on the value of a dollar!

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