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Meet the Masters Art Curriculum...

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I have done the middle level with my elementary students. We love MtM and have done almost all of the artists in the program. However, I would agree with PP that it is not at all a high school level course. The content is good, just very basic. For a high schooler I'd be more apt to look up Sister Wendy's history of art videos on YouTube or something similar.

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We did Meet the Masters 7 years ago and it was a basic survey of art history (based on the artists you choose).  We really enjoyed it, especially producing works of art similar to the artist being studied.  


I think it could be considered as an elective 1/2 credit  or a full credit (if you add a research paper or 2 on one of the featured artists).  You could also have your student (s) write summaries featuring each artist's style, mediums, and artistic movement.  We studied one artist per week, watching the video and discussing the artist on Tuesday and  doing the artistic project on Friday.  We also incorporated some geography into it as well (studying the artists area of origin).


(btw, I was an art history major in college)



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