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Who's going to tackle healthy eating/exercise with me Monday?


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I was too busy to post over the weekend but y'all can keep the thread going.  Just copy and paste title from a previous day and changing that day to the current day.    :)  



Breadkfast - 1 1/2 fried eggs (blot excess grease), 1/2 slice cheese, 1 1/2 chicken sausage patties, 1 slice Ezekiel Sesame toast, handful nacho chips - yikes.


Coming up -


Water - throughout the day


Exercise - treadmill 30 min, free weights


Lunch -  salad (go-to mentioned on previous days), 3 crackers with TJ's pesto/quinoa


Dinner - small salad, cherries, need carb idea???




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Finished an hour walk with the dog. 


I plan to split my strength-training into 3 parts because I've fallen off the wagon after travel and I think that's the best way to get back on. (The best way to do the routine is straight through, but in this case "good enough" is better than procrastination that ends with it not being done.) 

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Today I did one hour of steady state cardio (Cathe Friedrich Party Rockin Step). 


B:  black coffee and a handful of nuts, 1 plum

L:  steak salad (basically 2 cups of coleslaw vegetables with sliced steak on top and a little Whole 30 compliant mayo)

D:  shrimp sauteed in ghee with some Cajun seasoning, cut up raw vegetables (cucumber and carrots)


I am really trying to stay grain, sugar and dairy free.  I found myself snitching potato chips, oreos, and multiple squirts of reddi-whip several times over the weekend.  Sigh.  I am usually better than that.

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Well breakfast wasn't great sausage/egg sandwich and a big old cup of black coffee.


Lunch will be a salad with spiced chickpeas and a little tahini dressing with lots of greens and veggies.


Dinner will be curried chicken salad over spinach and some fruit for dessert.


Going on a long walk after I get my hair cut after lunch.


Missing skating tonight because husband is on the later shift today. So I will try and think of something to replace that at home or with the boys.

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Crazy hard workout this morning, it was great.


Protein drink and scrambled eggs for breakfast.


Then I got braces put on my teeth and now I really don't know what I can eat. I can't even bite.


Oh yeah, I'm making beans and rice for lunch.

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