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El Internado no longer on Netflix - Now what do I do?

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Is this available anywhere else online?  With Spanish subtitles?  I really need the subtitles or I have no hope of figuring out what Elsa is saying.  (Or the mumbling teens.  Or the heavy accents.  Or any time they start talking about things that are beyond my vocabulary.)


I was halfway through when they pulled the plug. 


And now I know that that little red bar below the thumbnail on Netflix is NOT how much of it you've watched.  Despite what everyone on the internet was confidently saying.  I did have my suspicions.


I guess I'll have to switch over to watching Gran Hotel for learning Spanish.  But I hate having to leave a show in the middle.

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Not El Internado (which now I'm going to have to hunt down too... :( ) but FYI many Netflix originals are available dubbed and with subtitles. I've watched Daredevil, Grace and Frankie, and Kimmy Schmidt this way. Just go over to the languages/subtitle menu and see what's there...

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I find that the shows made by Netflix are usually available in multiple languages in both audio and subtitles. 


I'm not sure if they have it in Spanish, but my favorite first tv show to watch totally in a foreign language is Pokemon. The language is simpler than other TV shows, they repeat themselves often, they usually stick to the present tense and even describe what they are doing. For the most part they speak slower and clearer then tv shows meant for adults. The subtitles usually match up with the audio. They also start every episode with a, "What happened last week" which I find perfect review. 

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