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New Kindle Fire 7 user -- Best Apps and Games?


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First time user -- had it 2 weeks. LOVE IT!


This is my device but I might install a few things for the kids. (11 and 9)


I planned for Stack the States. . .and we will get a Prodigy account set up for fall altho I intended for them to use Prodigy on the laptop. Does it matter?


What else is educational and worthwhile?


They get awarded real VG time at the end of each week (depending) so I won't be filling it with games really. But a few that actually teach them something would be nice. :)


Thanks for your help!



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Well the only things my ds does on his fire that are overtly educational are Dragonbox and audiobooks.  :D  He LOVES simulators, so he does all kinds of them.  Goat simulator, dragon simulator, wolf simulator, cat simulator...  You name it, he likes it.  Mainly he listens to audiobooks.  He averages about 3 hours a day unless he's busy in camps and things.


For ages 9 and 11?  I would let them make videos, use dictation to write stories, play solitaire, draw with a stylus, research and make boards on pinterest based on interests, use star gazing apps to find constellations and planets, do geocaching, participate in discussion boards based on interests, watch movies for things they want to make, start their own podcasts or youtube channel...  


Really, these days many of the popular apps for ipad will have an android/amazon equivalent.  So if you just google search for threads of good apps, you'll find plenty that will have equivalents in the amazon app store.  There's even a way to back door add google play apps, though I don't like doing it.


What do you kids like to do?  They could watch Craftsy classes, do Teaching Company Courses bought on audible...

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